Twiigs is the place to get the pulse of the world on any topic. Vote on the polls that interest you, or post one of your own!
It is with sadness that we announce that Twiigs will be shutting down on Mar 15, 2015. It's been our pleasure serving you over the past 8 years. If you'd like to download data of the polls you've created, you can follow this link or go to My Polls -> Download.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twiigs?

Twiigs is a way to find out what people around the world are thinking. Share your opinions by voting on polls, creating your own polls. View the results and discover how people feel about hot topics and issues.

How do I create a poll?

Creating a poll is easy. Click one of the many "Create Poll" links on the site and follow the simple steps. Once you've submitted a poll, you'll be given directions on how to add this poll to your blog, website, social media homepage, or any other site that accepts html code.

How do I add a poll to my website or blog?

Adding a poll is very easy. And you can add any poll you wish to your website or blog. If you're browsing through the polls on twiigs and see one that you'd like to add, click on the "more info" link under the poll. You'll be taken to the poll's detail page. If you click on the "Add This Poll to Your Website" link in the top right of the poll's status box, you'll be taken to a page with directions on the steps you need to take to add the poll to your website.

Do you have any demos of your Javascript Widget?

To see our Javascript Widget in action, check out these examples: Blogger, Xanga

What happens after I add a poll to my website and a user votes?

If you selected the Javascript method, the user will remain on your website. If you selected the Inline HTML method, then the user will be taken to the poll's detail page at Twiigs.

How do I manage polls that I've created?

You can close, re-open, extend, or even delete (if no one has voted on it yet) your poll. To do this, click on the "My Polls" menu item. This will give you a list of polls that you have created. Clicking on the "more info" link of the poll will take you to the poll's detail page, and in the poll's status box, you'll see action links which allow you to manage your poll.

How do I edit polls that I've created?

You can edit polls that you've created in the same manner that you manage your polls: by going to your "My Polls" page and clicking on the poll's "more info" link. On the poll's detail page, and in the poll's status box, you will see an icon and link which will allow you to edit your poll. You should note, if you change any property which influences how a user votes, your poll's votes will be reset back to zero.

I'm at my poll's detail page, what does "View", "Page Views", "External Views", "Url Clicks" mean?

"Views" refers to the number of times your poll has appeared in either browse/search results, detail pages, or on an external site. "Page Views" is the number of times your poll's detail page has been viewed. "External Views" is the number of times your poll has appeared on external websites, blogs, etc. "Url Clicks" is the number of times someone has clicked on the url that you provided, if you provided one.

Where did you get those cool shortcut icons under the polls?

Special thanks goes out to FamFamFam for the cool icons.