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Status: Closed

Listing: Public

Created on July 8, 2011 by thekylesfiles

Ended July 12, 2011

Which track-off artist in Battle #1 deserves the win?
  • "Almost Famous," J.R. BLAC & ILL LEGIT
  • "Snow Night," Young General
  • Neither, send them back to the lab
Created on Jul 8, 2011


Total Votes: 197

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Posted on Jul 11, 2011 at 11:46 PM by realmusicfeel2:

Both tracks I'd listen to. The reason "Snow Night" has the upper votes, in my opinion, is because of their common sound. It's what we hear. Yeah, Young General had their own original work put in, but they also had other's work cut out and 'put into' the track. A lot of kids of the new generation might not know the history breakdown of what was used, but one things for sure, it sounds good. (can't go wrong with any old school) J.R. BlAC and ILL LEGIT should be winning this. Yes, their sound to this track is unique, but that's what music does. It develops and changes. Their movement is what I'd like to hear more often. Listen to the lyrics!

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