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Status: Closed

Listing: Private

Created on June 16, 2007 by serialdrama

Ended September 14, 2007

What was the most awesome moment at the 2007 Daytime Emmys?
  • Genie Francis finally winning an Emmy. It should have happened four presidents ago.
  • Ellen saying "I think Bob Barker is a quitter."
  • Two shows won for Best Drama Series and GH wasn't even eligible to be one of the two losers.
  • GH losing the Best Writing Team award. To a show many of us aren't sure actually exists.
  • Rick Hearst winning. More precisely, Rick Hearst using his win to slyly imply that GH sucks.
  • GL winning. If you think it's imaginary, you're not paying attention, except maybe to ratings.
Created on Jun 16, 2007


Total Votes: 438

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