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Created on January 17, 2013 by bthomas314

Ended February 16, 2013

President Obama wants to protect children and in so doing is focused on gun control-- is this issue the most pressing issue for our children?

What should be President Obama's #1 issue?
  • Economy/unemployment
  • National debt/spending cuts
  • Gun control
  • Immigration
  • Other
Created on Jan 17, 2013


Total Votes: 95

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Posted on Feb 2, 2013 at 3:29 PM by radrevd:

Gun control is the least of Obama's issues as is evidenced by sustained gun violence in Chicago...a city of extreme gun restrictions.

Far more important is transparency, adherence to the US Constitution, and an end to his socialistic agenda.

I see America in the process of its fall as prophesied in Revelations 18. Most will immediately tune me out to their own demise. I left the Assemblies of God after 18 years of ministry. I will not lend my name to any organization that promotes lies and violates their own Constitution. As for America, I no longer vote. To do so would lend credence to a system no longer 'Of the People, By the People, and 'For the People'.

I am neither Democratic nor Republican. I see both parties supporting the overthrow of America as envisioned by Philip Freneau in 1792..."Rules to Change A Limited Republic into an Unlimited Hereditary Monarchy."

Those of you who are truly 'Doubting Thomases' will do your due diligence to arrive on solid ground. Unfortunately most of you have blinded your eyes, stopped up your ears, and only spew the propaganda you have chosen to believe.

America's intervention in world affairs, economies, and politics is just plain wrong. Ask Henry Kissinger why he never visits third world countries where he executed genocide against their populations!

Currently targeted by the Powers That Be who handle Obama is SIX BILLION HUMANS who are deemed excess burdens on world ecology. Eliminate them and global warming/cooling is solved. Eliminate them and lack of resources and food is gone. Eliminate them and private possession of guns will yield global domination by the elite few, descendants from the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

My ideology is far from doom and gloom. I perceive final redemption and restoration for all Creation on the horizon. Exclaim that I am deluded...are you certain I am wrong? Freneau also spoke of the PTB intentionally deceiving, dividing, and ultimately controlling the electorate.

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