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Created on October 27, 2011 by ronn

Ended October 26, 2012

As A TALL SKINNY MALE (6-foot-1 and 125 lbs), I had quite a few experiences with SHORT LARGE FEMALES (4-foot-11 or shorter @175 lbs or more) who, just like me, became SEXUALLY AROUSED after engaging in various physical tests of strength with me where she, the short large female (WITH A CLITORIS AND A VAGINA!!!) demonstrated her superior physical strength over me, the tall skinny male (WITH A PENIS AND TESTICLES!!!). One day (this was awhile back), my friend's 4-foot-11, 190-lb short large (FAT!!!) sister wanted to demonstrate her incredible physical strength in front of me. I was at my current height (6'1") but I weighed only 123 lbs. I knew she was especially aggressive toward tall skinny males like me who stand six feet tall or taller. She noticed her great size advantage over me so she could tell right away that I WAS REALLY SKINNY!!! It became obvious to me that she wanted to let me know in no uncertain terms that her overall physical strength far exceeded mine. First, she flexed her massive upper arms in front of me while she uttered one word about herself (as she was looking WAY UP at me!): STRONGWOMAN!!! The size of her biceps frightened me (they proved WAY BIGGER THAN MINE!!!). Although she was FAT, when I felt her flexed upper arms, they were solid (JUST LIKE HUGE ROCKS!!!). While I was watching her, she proceeded to lift a fully-loaded, heavy barbell up from the floor and then she easily swung it up over her shoulders and then she just as easily lifted it over her head. When it came my turn, I COULDN'T EVEN LIFT THAT SAME UNALTERED BARBELL ABOVE MY THIGHS!!! I could tell she was sexually aroused but neither she nor I acted together on our sexual urges so I immediately went into the bathroom AND THEN I MASTURBATED -- ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO ORGASM!!! I engaged in HOT SEX, including sexual intercourse, with short large females, each of whom demonstrated her superior strength over me, followed by mutual sexual arousal (which leads to the following question!!!)

Attention SHORT LARGE FEMALES, 4-foot-11 or shorter, weighing 175 lbs or more, who either outlifted in weightlifting, or lifted overhead, A TALL SKINNY MALE standing SIX FEET TALL OR TALLER (but weighing no more than 140 lbs): Did either you, or he, or the both of you, become SEXUALLY AROUSED afterward? Multiple answers are allowed, if necessary, to completely answer the question.
  • NO. I didn't become SEXUALLY AROUSED but he became SEXUALLY AROUSED.
  • NO. He didn't become SEXUALLY AROUSED but I became SEXUALLY AROUSED.
  • He and I both became SEXUALLY AROUSED.
  • Neither he nor I became SEXUALLY AROUSED.
  • After I became SEXUALLY AROUSED, I did not act any further on it.
  • After I became SEXUALLY AROUSED, I masturbated.
  • After he became SEXUALLY AROUSED, he did not act any further on it.
  • After he became SEXUALLY AROUSED, he masturbated.
  • After we both became SEXUALLY AROUSED, he and I engaged in sex without having sexual intercourse.
  • After we both became SEXUALLY AROUSED, he and I engaged in sex which included sexual intercourse.
Created on Oct 27, 2011


Total Votes: 2

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Posted on Jan 28, 2012 at 7:19 PM by ronn:

I was watching a video of a 5-foot-2, 250-lb female powerlifter while she successfully bench pressed 450 pounds. At 6-foot-1 and a mere 125 lbs, I realized that her bodyweight was double my bodyweight and that she bench pressed MORE THAN TRIPLE MY BODYWEIGHT while I towered over her by ten inches (THAT'S ALMOST A WHOLE FOOT!!!). I am a tall skinny guy who immediately becomes sexually aroused at the mere sight of a short fat woman as she is proving that she is way stronger than I am while I she far outweighs me despite the fact that I TOWER WAY OVER HER!!! Upon watching her as she was performing her amazing feat of strength, I could no longer control my sexual arousal. My penis became so big and so hard that I immediately went into the bathroom AND THEN I MASTURBATED ALL THE WAY TO ORGASM!!!

Posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 3:49 PM by ronn:

In a physical battle of sheer brute strength, a tall skinny man who is very small has no chance at all against a short fat woman who is very large (NOT EVEN IF HE TOWERS OVER HER BY MORE THAN A FOOT!!!). On a mat at the gym, during a one-on-one wrestling match, she would seize him and then she would easily lift him right over her head and then she would slam him down onto the canvas and pin him there, right on the spot. IT WOULD BE OVER FOR SURE!!!

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